[Funny] Do not provide any investment advice is correct!

My mother-in-law like invest stock too, she love invest on Large Stocks and I love invest on Small and Medium-sized stocks either.

She saw the HSI decrease intensely in June 2018 and buy 1398 as the “LOW” simultaneously. Then, the stock price is turn down. In November 2018, she ask me: “Will the stock drop deeply? Should I sell all of stocks?”

She know me is monitor stock market closer, so she always ask my questions and options. But I said I am focus on small and medium-sized stocks, large stock is not my investment target. I also know I will not good if my options are fault, therefore I answer the question with ambiguous.

2018 Reviews & Summary

To write a review in 2018, we must first look at the annual transaction records and bring back some bitter and painful memories.

At the beginning of the year, the stock market was bullish, and the rise of several awkward stocks caused the portfolio return to exceed 25%. However, the year-end settlement was the first negative gain in the last decade, and the combination bid farewell to 2018 with a score of -1.3%. The turning point from Shengsheng to the decline was that at the end of August, two awkward stocks, Lifu China (02136) and Orange Sky Golden Harvest (01132), fell sharply. Although they were in the Awkwardness Convergence Technology (01729) and Oasi Group (01161) from the low level Driven by the rebound, the combination has recovered positive returns, but the major stocks at the end of the year have reappeared. In particular, the performance of the Aos Group was less than expected, and the stock price plummeted, making the portfolio ultimately weak and unable to continue for the past nine years. Continuous positive returns.
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Outlook 2019 : Hope for tomorrow

After today, we officially farewell to 2018. On New Year’s Day, I would like to write and review the past of 2018. Today I am going to writing the 2019 outlook first.

Looking back at the 2018 and forecasts of the investment bank at the end of last year, they are wrong at all. The only difference is that there are a few mistakes. Looking at some of the sarcasm articles of snowballs a few days ago, it is said that a Chinese proprietorship’s 10 predictions in 2018 at the end of last year are very powerful, only half of them, and the difficulty is very high. In order to avoid being the object of ridicule by netizens next year, I will not write too much, just to explain the outlook for the first quarter of the year.
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Which is the trap for investors this year?

This year, the market has actually fallen not much. Until now, the HSI has only fallen by 13.5%. However, mines, especially last year’s star sector, have become the most popular investors this year.

Which section do you think is the most popular investor this year:

1. Mobile phone industry chain
2. Education
3. Science Network
4. Medicine
5. Car
6. Inner room
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