2018 Reviews & Summary

To write a review in 2018, we must first look at the annual transaction records and bring back some bitter and painful memories.

At the beginning of the year, the stock market was bullish, and the rise of several awkward stocks caused the portfolio return to exceed 25%. However, the year-end settlement was the first negative gain in the last decade, and the combination bid farewell to 2018 with a score of -1.3%. The turning point from Shengsheng to the decline was that at the end of August, two awkward stocks, Lifu China (02136) and Orange Sky Golden Harvest (01132), fell sharply. Although they were in the Awkwardness Convergence Technology (01729) and Oasi Group (01161) from the low level Driven by the rebound, the combination has recovered positive returns, but the major stocks at the end of the year have reappeared. In particular, the performance of the Aos Group was less than expected, and the stock price plummeted, making the portfolio ultimately weak and unable to continue for the past nine years. Continuous positive returns.

As of December 31, the main data of the portfolio is as follows:

A total of 27 stocks were held, a slight increase from the 22 in the same period of the previous year, but still within the 30 limits allowed by themselves;

The combination of 5 major holdings is:

BWI INT’L (02339)

Cash: 33.5%

Looking back in 2018, my most satisfactory stock picking is to insist on low-level buy-in convergence technology (01729). I did not stop the stock when the stock price fell into a low tide. Instead, I firmly determined that the company’s fundamentals and valuations were undervalued and continued to buy. Although it is still not a big profit, it is definitely one of the most successful stock picks this year.

The most satisfactory transaction was two. One of them was that Zhong Zhongchang International (00859) bought a large amount of money on the day of being washed in July, and earned a massive fortune on the same day. Zhongchang International’s being washed out is very sudden. If you don’t know about the stock in advance, you may not dare to receive a large number of goods in the low position. It’s just because there have been many speculations on this stock before, so the value is better understood. Therefore, dare to pick up the flying knife and create a reward for the day. The second satisfactory transaction was when Qatar Qatar placed Lifu China, bought it at a low level, and reduced the company’s violent repurchase, and repurchased it at the low level after the buyback, which was the most successful in recent years. The most lucrative wave trading.

The worst stock picking is Jingxi International (02339) because Beijing West International is currently holding the most shares with the highest loss. Secondly, after many of the remnant stocks have bottomed out, the stock price has rebounded and left the low level. However, this stock is still going from bad to worse and bid farewell to the year-end low in 2018.

The most unsuccessful transaction was the new stock Shanshan brand (01749), which did not stop buying speculatively as early as possible, making this stock the most profitable new stock in history, and almost all of the profits earned in this year’s new stocks were written off.

The final summary of 2018 is that the mistake is in the “missing food.” The result is to see the financial water. Of course, this can only be an after-the-fact summary. There was no such thing as a sudden reversal of the market situation.