Monthly Archives: August 2018

The rebound is ended?

First of all, my position is that the HSI has entered a bear market. Secondly, the HSI has recently risen from the low level by a thousand points, but it has only rebounded, not a turning point.

The market reopened trade negotiations with China and the United States, and the trade war has turned around and rebounded. But if you pay attention to the news reports, you all know that this is only a very low-level official talk. The two sides are only touching the bottom. I believe the talks will have results in the short term. The chances are slim, and another round of taxation will soon take effect, and the market may turn to pessimism again.
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Inspur International with a surprise in performance (00596)

Inspur International (00596) had issued a profit alert as early as mid-July. At that time, it was expected that the interim results would record a net profit of about 80 million. As a result, the interim results announced on Friday, the net profit was 120 million, which is more than the expected earnings. The net profit of 80 million is 40 million higher.
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