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Still is Crisis

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index rebounded to close to 28,000 points last week and stopped pedestrians. They once again fell 450 points on Monday. It seems that this wave of rally has ended. In the past two months, we have repeatedly repeated the trend of falling, rebounding, falling and rebounding. However, the trend of the market is basically a wave below a wave. The bottom of the previous wave is close to the 26,000 mark. If the trend is repeated, The chance of falling below 26,000 points is not low.

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US stocks hit new highs, Hong Kong stocks stepped on the ground

In 2007, Hong Kong stocks and US stocks hit a record high.

At that time, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index was about 32,000 points. It was a short-term innovation and rose to about 33,500 points this year. Now it can only be 27,000 points. The HSCEI once saw a high of 20,600 points. This year, it can only rise to about 14,000 points. Keep 10,000 points.
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The true meaning of the “cash is king” in the bear market

Recently, I saw some small and medium-sized stocks holding a lot of cash, and they reluctantly repurchase their stocks every day, reminding me of the fact that cash is king. Everyone in the bear market often says that “cash is king”. How do you understand the phrase “cash is king“?

My own opinion is that cash is king. It is not as simple as holding a cash bear market. It is because the bear market has too many flat goods to sell, but if you have no money and no purchasing power, then even if there are many stocks. Cheap also has nothing to do with you. Only if you have ample cash on hand, you can appreciate the coolness of buying a flat in a bear market. Therefore, you are good at using your cash. In the bear market, “shopping” is the true meaning of cash. If you have crossed the bear market and you are still full of cash, you basically have not enjoyed the feeling of cash being king.
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Time Intercon (1729) Shareholders Meeting Highlights

Time Intercon (1729) held the first general meeting of shareholders after the listing in the Science Park Conference Hall near the company office. The location is indeed quite remote, in case I would like to know more about the company’s business and the company’s management, so I took the time to attend the shareholders meeting.

Before attending the shareholders meeting, I read an annual report and revisited the prospectus, also wrote some key questions for ask at the shareholders meeting. Although there are many problems, the management is also happy to respond the issue of minority shareholders. After the conclusion of the shareholders’ meeting, they took time to chat with us. It feels quite close to the people and willing to communicate, giving us a good impression.
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The rebound is limited to large stocks

The market reopened trade talks with China and the United States, and the Hang Seng Index rose 669 points in a single day. The transaction also hit 100 billion. It seems that this rebound will not only one day.

I remember that China and Hong Kong stocks also rebounded in August by reopening talks between China and the United States. At that time, the stock rebounded sharply from the low level of 26,800 points to 1,700 points, and the high rebound was 28,500 points. This time, the same rebound excuse, will the rebound strength be comparable to the last time?
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Small and medium-sized stocks lose their liquidity

Hong Kong stocks have recently fallen, and the index has just dropped 20% from its high level. It can be technically defined as entering a bear market. However, in fact, small and medium-sized stocks have entered a bear market early. I believe that the small and medium-sized stocks held by everyone are generally down from the high level. It certainly exceeds the decline of the HSI.

While small and medium-sized stocks fell, liquidity also became worse. Basically, many small-cap stocks trade only tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan a day. If there are more than one million yuan, the liquidity is good. Therefore, most small and medium-sized stocks now have a slightly larger number of stocks. It may take several days to digest, and the price may be a double-digit decline in the stock price.
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