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Large IPO pumping, Hong Kong stocks market worsened

Everyone knows that I have been pessimistic about Hong Kong stocks in the past two months. Hong Kong stocks have dropped by 6,500 points since this year’s high, they have not been able to bottom out. The main reasons are the trade war, the emerging market currency crisis and the domestic economy is not optimistic, these are relatively macro views.

In addition, everyone should also pay attention to the recent large-scale IPOs to raise funds frequently, which is also unfavorable for Hong Kong stocks. The medium and large-scale IPOs listed in August include ASCLETIS-B (01672), HOPE EDU (01765), BEIGENE-B (06160) and CHINA TOWER (00788), raising 3 billion, 3 billion, 6.8 billion, 580 billion respectively, total amount is 700 billion.
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The impact of unified social security taxation in China next year (continued)

I saw a friend sharing an article in a stock group today. I feel very good and world like to share with you:

Wei Haozheng: Policies, Impacts and Countermeasures for Social Security Collection and Taxation
(If you have time, please click the link to read the full acticle)

In the past, there were usually three modes of collection methods in social security: 1) The Social Security Bureau was responsible for management and collection. That is, it is managed by the Social Security Bureau or the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The number of people who have supervised the payment is verified, the base is approved, and the specific collection of social insurance is responsible. 2) It is administered by the Social Security Bureau but entrusted by the Taxation Bureau. The Social Security Bureau will resolve how many people have to pay and what the salary is. When the actual collection is made, the Social Security Bureau entrusts the tax bureau to collect it. The above two models are the most important models of social insurance management in China in the past ten years, and each accounted for 50% each. 3) Social security is administered by the tax bureau and is also levied by the tax bureau. There are two cities in the country, Guangzhou and Xiamen, which are implemented in this way.
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The impact of social security unified taxation in China next year

Many people in the near group are discussing the implementation of social security reforms in China next year, which will increase the number of enterprises and increase operating costs. Maybe many netizens don’t understand why, I try to explain it briefly.

Let me first talk about the focus of this social security reform is that the social security premiums will be levied by taxation in the future, that is, the chances of underpayment or missed payment in the past will never return.
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The house leaks together with night rain & unexpected discovery!

I have written many articles about Orange Sky (01132) in succession. I originally thought that this article could write some articles with relatively simple topics. How do I finally continue to write Orange Sky, just because Orange Sky just announced to Nanhai Holdings (00680) legal proceedings were initiated to recover the remaining balance of the sale of Orange China China totaling 252 million.

The origin of this balance stems from the relevant provisions of the “Cost and Payment” in the original sale agreement of Orange China.
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Mr Ng has a sword for 10 years

This weekend, I thoroughly reviewed the ten-year memorabilia of Mr Ng’s entry into the Orange Sky, and finally sighed…

31/10/2007 Mr Ng bought 31,432,151 shares and CB with a face value of 20 million yuan for 202 million yuan, and the conversion price was 2.2 yuan per share.

4/3/2008 Orange Sky sells 50% stake in TGV held for a total consideration of HK$96.5 million
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