Financial performances sing the best of Orange Sky Golden Harvest (01132)

Before I finally checked the connected transactions of Orange Sky Golden Harvest, I suddenly saw some financial performances and I played against Taiwan in the past few days. I successively sang a good deal for Orange Sky Golden Harvest (01132), and I googled and could not find such a fortune. The comments or articles that have been followed up in this stock are the first to introduce Orange Sky Golden Harvest, and they sing well connected transactions, what is the motivation?

Smart netizens should guess it. I believe that before the special shareholder meeting on November 23rd to vote on the connected transaction, there will be more financial performances recommending the minority shareholders to agree to the connected transaction of Orange Sky, and the voice of opposition is mainly this blog, I hope that the minority shareholders can Spread the objection to other minority shareholders.

Finally, if Wu Sheng already has enough secret hands and friendly holdings to support the voting of the connected transaction, why do you need to find a financial performance to help sing well?

Small shareholders will work together!