I am not activist investor

Continuous appeal against Spring REIT Spring REIT (01426) and Orange Sky Golden Harvest (01132) connected transaction, I feel like I got to be the activist investor same. Seriously, I don’t want to do activist investor. It’s just that when I hold stocks, management or major shareholders are unfair, I certainly don’t like ordinary retail investors. I don’t care about it, I accept it at least, and at least it will be published. Their own views, even calling on other retail investors to respond, exercise the rights of shareholders to oppose all unfair trades or practices.

In many cases, retail investors in Hong Kong are dissatisfied with the misconduct of the major shareholders or management of listed companies, but they only hide their thoughts in their hearts and will not express them or oppose them by action. This is not a purely personal conjecture. The easiest thing is to vote against the Orange Sky Golden Harvest (01132) connected transaction recently. Most netizens do not know how to vote against it. From this, it can be seen that many retail investors may have already rolled in the stock market. For many years, but have not participated in voting or attending the general meeting of shareholders, directly to the management to express opinions or appeals.

If only one or two retail investors have the awareness of rights protection, the voice is small and the impact is limited, the major shareholders and management will not respect or care about the ideas or interests of the minority shareholders; when most of the retail investors awaken one day, they know how to make good use of them. Shareholders’ rights to protect their rights and interests, can large shareholders and management also ignore our existence and appeals?

My voice may be small, and all efforts are great enough to pay for it, but I will still insist on shouting, hoping that more netizens can walk together and strengthen our strength. As long as we unite together, the voice will become louder and louder, which will affect more retail investors to join us and value their rights.