Look at the analysis of advanced semiconductors (03355) privatization success rate

Close to the long vacation, too lazy to write a long analysis, just to chart some of the information and data I will use to assess the success rate of advanced semiconductor privatization, you can think for yourself.

In simple calculation, the stock price I bought is $1.37-1.38. If the privatization fails, the stock price will fall to $0.95, if it succeeds, it will be $1.5. We calculate the success rate of the extension at that time is about 78%, and I based on the above. The data and data, the probability of evaluating the success of this privatization should be more than 90%, so the stock price at that time should be underestimated.

When the stock price rose to 1.46 yuan, the probability of success of the extension has been greatly increased to 93%. This is a relatively reasonable expectation, and the stock price is not underestimated, so I made a profit.