Which is the trap for investors this year?

This year, the market has actually fallen not much. Until now, the HSI has only fallen by 13.5%. However, mines, especially last year’s star sector, have become the most popular investors this year.

Which section do you think is the most popular investor this year:

1. Mobile phone industry chain
2. Education
3. Science Network
4. Medicine
5. Car
6. Inner room
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The worse performance of WATER OASIS (01161)

The annual performance of Aos has disappointed the hopeful minority shareholders, even though this year’s profit has reached a new high since its listing in 2002.

In the first half of the year, the profit was 60 million yuan, while the profit in the second half was only about 35 million yuan, a decrease of about 25 million yuan from the first half of the year. I believe that there are two main reasons:
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Political Market

Now that the stock market is obviously a political city, the general manager, the intrusion, the one-word move, every move, and even more tweets, may cause market sentiment to change dramatically, so the HSI can rise 750 points on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone thought that the market could be at least worry-free before the end of the year, but it fell sharply. However, on Wednesday and Thursday, it fell 1100 points due to the big changes in the situation. The market suddenly turned from optimism to pessimism. It may be low-stopping today, it is the left one, the right one.
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Transit Shipping (00368) Trading Logic

Airborne shipping was inspired by two unexpected privatization cases this year (Guohao Group (00053) and Baosheng International (03813)).

In recent years, there have been more and more cases of privatization failures, starting from the failure of privatization of ZTE Aluminum (00098) last year, followed by New World China Department Store (00825), New City Development (01030), and Baosheng International (03813). And Guoco Group (00053) at the beginning of last month, among which I have participated in the development of Xingfa Aluminum, New World Department Store and New Town, and Baosheng International and Guohao have a high rate, so I did not participate at that time.
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Modern Dentistry (03600) – Announcement for good presentation skills

The nine-month operational data released last Friday as of the end of September focused on this:

The Group’s total revenue (excluding North America) increased by approximately 10%, which was due to an increase in sales volume of approximately 3.1% and an increase in average selling price for the year ended 30 September 2018. 6.9%.
The European market is the Group’s largest revenue market and accounts for approximately 40% of the Group’s revenue. The market continued to perform well and benefited from the significant appreciation of the euro against the Hong Kong dollar during the period. As a result, the revenue of the European market in Hong Kong during the period soared by more than 11% and is expected to contribute significantly to the Group’s profitability as the Group’s operating margin in the European region is relatively high.
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Time Intercon (01729) Performance Analysis (3) – Valuation, Outlook


Based on the expected core profit of 170 million yuan for the whole year, the current price-to-earnings ratio is only 5 times. The expected dividend yield is between 4.2 and 6.4%. This valuation is still very underestimated, even though the stock price has risen by more than 60% from the low level, but we Don’t forget that the offer price is 0.5 yuan, and the current price is still lower than the offer price!
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