Political Market

Now that the stock market is obviously a political city, the general manager, the intrusion, the one-word move, every move, and even more tweets, may cause market sentiment to change dramatically, so the HSI can rise 750 points on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone thought that the market could be at least worry-free before the end of the year, but it fell sharply. However, on Wednesday and Thursday, it fell 1100 points due to the big changes in the situation. The market suddenly turned from optimism to pessimism. It may be low-stopping today, it is the left one, the right one.

To avoid being swollen, the easiest thing is to not stick to the car too much. The political city is hard to play because of the volatility of political figures, you can change it, you can only insist on the “winning absorption, playing high-selling goods” win. The equation of money should not be affected by market sentiment and emotions. Of course, when is “low” and when it is “high”, everyone has different opinions and is the most difficult key to grasping the stock market.

Say a bunch of nonsense, the final summary is that the political market is difficult to play, should not be full of positions, should maintain a slightly higher cash level to deal with the unpredictable political situation. It may be announced today that Princess Hua is detained. Tomorrow, he said that Princess Hua has been released. On the way back to China, who knows?