Risk-Off mode

In the past few days, I have always said that I will maintain a higher proportion of cash levels. I used to have a cash level of more than 20%. Then I started to increase to 30% in September. In the past few months, I have been increasing my cash level. Going in the direction, after reducing some goods today, plus the previous Aoyuan Health (03662), Kaisa Yimei (02168), and the majority of Zhonghui Group (00382), now Almost 40% of the cash level should be the highest cash level in my last decade.

The operation of this period will be more short-term, mainly to participate in the speculation of new shares, overall profitability is good. In the short term, it should be mainly short-term speculation on new shares, supplemented by continued reduction of portfolio holdings. If the timing and price are right, I tend to continue to raise cash levels.

The next few days will be full of uncertainty. In any case, the days are always going to be. My conservative attitude does not mean anything. Maybe the stock market will punish my conservative operation in a few days, but at least this moment. My position makes me feel comfortable, there is no pressure… We are mentally stressed and can reduce the pressure of one point.