Step by Step, Rush to Endure

Hong Kong stocks today showed a strong rebound momentum. Not only large-cap stocks, but also small and medium-sized stocks also performed well. Coupled with the two-day rise in US stocks, we may have a bear market and a bull market. In fact, similar rebounds have occurred several times in the past few months, but after each short-term rebound, we continue to find the bottom. This time I can’t see the exception.

The bottom of the intuition has not yet been seen, but the Hang Seng Index fell 2800 points in October. A slight rebound is a matter of course, so let’s see if it can regain 26,000 points. The strategy is still to rush to endure, will continue to segment the deployment of the bottom, but will not chase after the rebound. If the rebound is in a hurry, it may be reduced to cash, and then buy back.