The rebound is limited to large stocks

The market reopened trade talks with China and the United States, and the Hang Seng Index rose 669 points in a single day. The transaction also hit 100 billion. It seems that this rebound will not only one day.

I remember that China and Hong Kong stocks also rebounded in August by reopening talks between China and the United States. At that time, the stock rebounded sharply from the low level of 26,800 points to 1,700 points, and the high rebound was 28,500 points. This time, the same rebound excuse, will the rebound strength be comparable to the last time?

However, if I combine the small and medium-sized stocks, the rebound of the market seems to have nothing to do with me. Individual small-cap stocks continue to find the bottom. After a wave of stop-loss smashing, the pressure will roll more and more, not only scare the funds, but also dare to rebound. Even if there are goods, they will join the stop-loss ranks. It seems not easy to reverse the trend. However, as I said in my last article, this kind of endless pressure is perhaps an opportunity for me who holds a lot of cash.

Continue to wait for the opportunity to pick up the goods.