US stocks hit new highs, Hong Kong stocks stepped on the ground

In 2007, Hong Kong stocks and US stocks hit a record high.

At that time, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index was about 32,000 points. It was a short-term innovation and rose to about 33,500 points this year. Now it can only be 27,000 points. The HSCEI once saw a high of 20,600 points. This year, it can only rise to about 14,000 points. Keep 10,000 points.

Since the US stock market in 2007, the trend has fallen sharply like the Hong Kong stocks. However, after about 11 years, the US stocks have nearly doubled or more than the current year. The Dow was 14200 points high in 2007, now 26600 points; the Nasdaq was the highest in 2861 in 2007, now 8000 points; the S&P 500 was close to 1600 points in the year and has now risen above 2900 points.

Looking at the performance of the index, it is no wonder that the trend of the times, more and more Hong Kong fund managers turned to the US stocks embrace, abandoning the Hong Kong stocks that are not enough, so that the stronger the stronger, the weaker weak.

I wonder how many people have joined the US stock market?