Which is the trap for investors this year?

This year, the market has actually fallen not much. Until now, the HSI has only fallen by 13.5%. However, mines, especially last year’s star sector, have become the most popular investors this year.

Which section do you think is the most popular investor this year:

1. Mobile phone industry chain
2. Education
3. Science Network
4. Medicine
5. Car
6. Inner room

I actually opened a Poll on Twitter (https://twitter.com/hkinvestment), but I only create four options. In this year, there are too many investors in the pit, and 4 options are not enough, so in the blog Also open a poll of 6 options for everyone to choose. Some people responded by saying that they can choose several options, because it is too difficult to choose one if you choose one this year. I don’t know how to get it technically. So, with the most primitive method, welcome to leave a message explaining your choice, more than one.