Winning or losing does not matter

Today’s decline should be the end of the past two weeks rebound (close to 1600 points).
During the rebound, Chinese people continued to cash out and large households also sold out.

The record-breaking capital of Chinese people, together with a short-selling rate of 13.9% this month, it mean the big prophets are prophetic and deploy easy money. The stock market is optimistic in the next two or three months.

I still maintain my opinion in the last two months, do less and the mistakes lesser, hold more cash and other opportunities, and don’t find yourself in the air when the opportunity comes. To take a step back, even if the stock market remains stable and no longer falls sharply, we will not miss any big opportunities. The current market conditions are hard to turn around.

P.S. Perhaps the stock has more fallen recently and the idea is more pessimistic, so the idea may not objective.